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This Is Danny

Danny was born as James Daniel Couch on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii, June 7. His father, Charles G. Couch, was born in Albany, Georgia, of Scottish-Irish ancestry. The U.S. Navy brought him to the islands during the Korean War. He met and married Danny's mother, Margaret Leilani Hauoli, who was born and raised in Honolulu, and of Hawaiian descent.Danny was raised on the leeward coast of Oahu. Growing up in the islands, he lived side-by-side with children of different ethnic backgrounds and learn about their cultures. His young life centered around the leeward coast of Oahu:Nanakuli, Maile. Waianae, Makaka to Makua.

You can hear the influence of these places on his CD, "SOMETHING TO REMEMBER," in the song, "Let's Go Back To The Country and "When Hawaiian's Fall."Besides being an influence in Hawaiian music, Brother Iz, lived down the road from the Couch family in Nanakuli. (There were quite a few great entertainers from that neighborhood as well.)Music has been Danny Couch's life for decades. His love for it came from his Dad and his voice came from his mother. Danny's wonderful gift of song reaches across the world, across the oceans to touch all peoples hearts and souls who hear his music. His passion for singing and performing grows stronger each year.

Danny became very interested in music at the young age of nine when he formed a band with his cousins, singing behind the drum set in his first band, The Rolling Coconuts making him the youngest member of the Musician's Union, back in the day. Danny is an accomplished, multitalented lyricists, musical composer, singer and performer who has won several Na Hoku Hanohano and Hawaiian Music awards. Danny wrote his first song, "From My Heart," which won Song of the Year at the 1985 Na Hoku Hanohano Awards. Between The Rollin Coconuts and the Aliis, Danny was a part of different groups. The Berne Halman Trio, The Good Time Friends and Danny joined Kit Sampson. One day when Danny was singing behind the drums he caught the ear of one of the members of The Aliis. The band was looking for someone to join the group and Danny was the perfect choice. The member quickly got the other guys to come down and take a listen. They convinced Danny to join the group in 1979. Danny recorded one Album with the group entitled THE ALIIS which won 1982's Na Hoku Hanohano Award winner for Contemporary Album of the Year and the Single of the Year, You Are The Best Of My Life. Danny sings lead on 7 of the 10 songs. In 1982, Danny left the group to begin his career as a solo artist.He wasn't a stand up singer until he left The Aliis and went on the show STAR SEARCH in the mid 80's, he sang the song You and I. Durrell Coleman won that show. Danny did go on to meet and perform with Dolly Pardon. Dolly is the one who suggested to Danny to change two words in his original song, Ah, My Hawaii, to I Love Hawaii, the rest is history.

He also credits Don Ho in his show. Don heard Danny singing from behind the drums and told him to "Get out from behind those drums and sing." In 1998, Danny's song, "These Islands," from his ALMOST PARADISE CD, put him in the spotlight world wide. His song was the theme song for the 1998 Miss Universe Pageant. It was a perfect song to help promote Hawaii so the Hawaii Visitors Bureau used the song "These Islands," in a worldwide campaign promoting Hawaii for six years. Currently, the Hawaii Convention Center is using this song to entice and promote major conventions to Hawaii.

As mentioned on his website, Danny has had the privilege of performing for such stars as Frank Sinatra, Barbara Streisand, Englebert Humperdinck, Tom Jones and the cast of Charlie's Angel's. And he has had the pleasure of opening for many top acts; Paul Anka, Glen Campbell, Sheena Easton, Al Green, Sheckie Green, Sergio Mendez, Neil Sadaka and Dionne Warrick.Danny has performed at many places. His favorite was the Hale Koa hotel where he had the honor of performing for the men, women and families of the Military. Danny was with the Hale Koa for thirteen and a half years. He built the show from one night a week with about 125 people to twice a week with an audience capacity of 900. Every night after the show Danny would sign autographs till the last person had a chance to meet Danny. After Danny left the Hale Koa Luau, at the end of 2003, he had to take a rest to remove non cancerous tumors from his throat. Danny had to learn how to speak and sing again. With time Danny was able to start singing again with his voice just as good as it was before. He was asked to represent the Hawaiian Sheraton (Starwood) Hotels at the Thanksgiving Parade in Chicago and also the Hula Bowl. The same year, 2005, he was performing twice a week in Kona.

After a year of traveling outer island, Danny took time off once again to start his OWN show at the Princess Kaiulani Hotel in Waikiki. Danny performs at private engagements throughout the state and country. Danny is always creating music and working on new projects. Danny composes music that moves him and he hopes it moves you too

If you would like to listen to Danny's music or order his Cds please visit Danny's official website Danny Couch Official Website

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